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SafeAgle Presents X-ray Baggage Scanner for a Comprehensive Security Service

In today’s fast growing world the need for stringent security checks are increasing at an exponential rate. Whether it’s a shopping mall or port or custom checking at airport or any warehouse or even a gym, luggage checking is turning into the next step for a comprehensive security shield. And when it comes to manufacturing of X-ray baggage scanner machine, SafeAgle(Shenzhen JinJian Era Technology) has got you all covered

Product features

We have worked relentlessly over the years to design our best in class x-ray baggage scanner which has next-generation features like

Sneak peek on products manual

Here is a sneak peek on our wide array of products


We have worked relentlessly over the course of years to claim our position as the leading baggage x-ray machine suppliers in China and all across the globe. Some of your unique features include:

To know more join us and secure yourself with the next generation security baggage scanner systems