Walk Through Metal Detector

The security sector of today along with the even-stricter regulations of safety, related to detectors, require equipments with highest functional and operational performance. Therefore, we at sescan.com have developed a series of detector devices that have superior throughput and sensitivity. All of them have been mentioned down below.

Foldable Walk through metal detectors

Our Walk Through Metal Detector Foldable is potent police equipment which has adjustable levels of sensitivity. Things like controlled knives, guns and metals hidden in the body may be easily detected. It is self-diagnostic and informs user about system exits. This comes with a battery backup of eight hours and has automatic function of counting.

Walk through metal detectors for use outdoors

Our Walk Through Metal Detector meant for use outdoors has offers a waterproof performance of superior kind. It can be easily operated, has HDMI LCD screen ad standby alerts for operation. It poses no threats to bodies of pregnant women, people with pacemakers and those carrying recording tapes or magnetic floppy.

33 Zone metal detector frame gate (SE3306)

 Our Walk Through Metal Detector frame gate offers even technology of detection. From the multiple alarm sounds, you can choose one. For each zone of detection there is adjustable sensitivity. It can connect with PC terminals and comes with real-time function of information query.

33 Zone Metal-detector high-sensitivity archway (SE3307)

This particular archway has been designed for preventing industrial loss and correctional institutions. It presents pinpointing multiple and individual metal targets from crossbar to shoe level. This features single touch self-installation.

33 Zone Metal-detector high-sensitivity archway (SE3308)

This one is similar to the SE3307 model and helps detecting as well as visually indicating number of threat objects possible and location. It pinpoints multiple metal and individual targets.

6 zones door-frame gate of metal detector (SE6006)

Our detector door frame supports multi-functions. The dual-mode standby operation is there that is always ready for switching test work and test mode. It comes with sixteen frequency bands which work simultaneously.