Under Vehicle Inspection System

Under vehicle inspection system has advanced HD line camera which scans any danger in the path of the vehicle and shows the image. SE-UVIS100 Mobile Under vehicle inspection system is very necessary in today’s world because we are facing many terrorist attacks. There has been an increased threat from terrorist, theft, crime, etc. We all have to be well protected from all of these threats by increasing our security. SE-UVIS200 Fixed Under vehicle inspection system plays an important role in providing security which shows any obstacle or danger beneath the vehicle. It has professional high definition line scan camera system. It has a 170 degree wide angle camera for scanning dangers. Since it has an HD camera the images can easily distinguish the suspicious. It has a fast imaging process and the images can be stored. It has high-speed built-in measurement system, up to 80km/h. It has excellent protection and security measurable level. There are two types, mobile, and fixed under vehicle inspection system.