2015 New Year Party of Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association

Shenzhen Dapeng beach concert

Vivo sponsor Shenzhen Stadium Show

Stadium Show Export X-ray baggage scanner to South Africa

Bloodsport of Shenzhen Station

The Voice of China – Shenzhen station special performance

Shenzhen fashion music Festival

The color run of Shenzhen Station

Public Spring Festival Gala Evening

Evening Women’s Marathon Shenzhen Station

Shenzhen hundred kilometers

AC Milan-International Peak

AC Milan-International Peak Shenzhen Dapeng Beach concert

ZTO in Luntai country

Shanghai Logistics school laboratory

laboratory Shenzhen Longgang Buji bus station

Hefei Science and Technology Museum

TianJin Exhibition

TianJin Exhibition Wuzhou mail-office security equipment handover spot

Hubei Xiaogan mail-office acceptance checking spot