Suicide Bombing Occurs Near IEC Main Office in Kabul, no any inspection at entrance Better with x ray machine and PD140 handheld metal detector for protection

Encourage all police station, and various government departments strengthen security checks, such as x ray scanner and PD140 handheld metal detectors to reduce accidental attacks.

Man shoots woman to death in NY hospital bed, then kills self, may more walk through metal detector foldable system could better avoid the incident

Hospitals in other parts of New York directly hire police to take responsibility for safety., but more walk through metal detector foldable would be much helpful.

BOC installs carry on luggage security x ray machine at Naia Terminals 3, 2 and 1

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is about to complete the installation of seven new hand-carry luggage security x ray machine in three terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) in a bid to curb smuggling and strengthen aviation security.

Attorney brought gun into Orange County courthouse,causing lockdown after scanned by security x ray screening machine

Security scanned the bag through the security x ray screening machine and the lawyer retrieved the bag and proceeded into the courthouse, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Copper Lake School/Lincoln Hills School will be installed security x ray screening machine to prevent illicit substances from entering CLS/LHS

Cook went onto say, “Copper Lake School/Lincoln Hills School has taken a number of steps to prevent illicit substances from entering CLS/LHS, including new policies, installation of an security x ray screening machine, and limitations regarding items that can be brought into the facility.”

Luggage Security X Ray Machine Market is Projected to Reach USD 4,260.9 Million by 2023

Moreover, the Middle East and Africa region is a growing market for the airport baggage screening systems market. Since the Middle East region, in particular, is plagued with terrorist activities, the market for airport baggage screening has significant potential for growth. With the government authorities taking proper measures to ensure the safety of the passengers in this region, it is expected that there would be a high demand of airport baggage screeners in this region.

New York terror attack, who is responsible The best weapon is to strangthen security not only x ray baggage inspection system, also other powerful device!

Was Isis involved? Even no one claim for the responsibility. We must admit there are plenty threats not only ISIS. X ray baggage inspection system to help prevent more terror attacks.

A homemade bomb exploded in Italy, security equipments hotel xray baggage scanner should be seen

From the North America to Europe, there are more countries suffering terror attack now. At the same time, people realize there is more need to equip security products including hotel x-ray baggage scanner, explosive trace detector etc. Safeagele hotel x-ray baggage scanner and other security equipments had been widely exported to overseas market to make the world safer.