Road Blocker

Best Road Blockers for Security from Safeagle

SafeAgle designs the best Road Blocker in the world with a sense for active security and performance enhancements for better safety as required. Our designed road blocker doesn’t compromise with safety and danger. Rather we develop devices to ensure them. SafeAgle’s roadblocks are your perfect safety companion to use when keeping checks for safety entrances, illegal entrance to government property and maintaining on ground clearance.

Our Road Blocker designs are highly technological to offer great endurance and stopping power with efficiency over 80-ton truck and multi-stack body outings. SafeAgle’s Road Blocker also have customized spikes for better protection and opposite harm aside, a full-on mode hydraulic control to aid the blocks. Operating at sufficient voltage with a wide 3-meter custom span and 16mm thick steel body, this Road Blocker is ideal for gate safety and security clearance with no chance for entry.